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About tara

"It is important as a therapist to remember massage and bodywork is not about knots and specific muscle groups, but about people"

Tara Buckel at the Therapy Room Didcot

Hi, I’m Tara,

And I'm here to help people just like you.  

‍I've been a therapist since 1999 and I support clients with pain, persistent chronic health and trauma related conditions. I’ve worked at a NHS clinic in Dumfries as the holistic therapist for The Multiple Sclerosis Society and trained at The Christie in Manchester to adapt massage for hospices and cancercare.

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I've been training with the NO HANDS® Massage Company for ten years and I've  yet to come across a more effective therapy treatment.  It's changed every modality I offer and enabled me to communicate and support clients on a different level. 

I believe bodywork therapy is not about knots and specific muscle groups, but about people.  

Rarely do we have the opportunity, or the knowledge to know how to take time out to fully let go, rest and begin to heal from the inside out.  I’m here to meet you exactly where you are and if you want your treatment to enable you to turn to a fresh new page, I’m here to help you do that too.  

Tara and the kids kicking back at a festival

I'm a Mum of two, one with Aspergers and ADHD, so stress and anxiety is no stranger to my home life.   Life can be pretty hectic and I use my knowledge and training in Nervous System regulation and trauma therapy to maintain a lifestyle balance. After experiencing burnout myself, resulting in an autoimmune condition which with trial and error,  I've learned over the years to manage effectively.   

Tara in our bell tent set up for massage
Tara Buckel. Therapy Room Didcot Oxfordshire

As well as a highly experienced trauma informed holistic bodyworker. I also offer life script coach, one-one and group talk therapy and use techniques to embody and compliment treatments.  These include meditation, breathwork, somatic experiencing and sound therapy.  This has led me to study in Advanced Clinical Training as a Psycho-Tactile Psychotherapist accredited by The National Council for Integrative Psychotherapy.

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