Resilient Mind

The Resilient Mind is a one-to-one psycho-educational programme designed to empower you with tools and hands-on practical knowledge as you find areas of change to improve your confidence, relationships, and communication skills.  Learn why you and those around you behave in specific ways.  Rather than letting thought patterns overwhelm you, develop skills to use them in positive and constructive ways.  [Testamonial]

Discover the reasons why you respond negatively in certain situations and how to change behaviour and engage differently with colleagues, customers, and loved ones.  Develop and strengthen your very own effective, clear, and calm connection with yourself and those around you.  You will learn how to protect your boundaries, why we behave impulsively and negatively, and how to support your friends and family without becoming overwhelmed and depleted.  

If you are ready to clear away the clutter and move forward, these weekly one-to-one sessions with a trauma-informed and supportive therapist are what exactly what you've been looking for.  This is a twelve-session programme and can also be booked in blocks of four.

New clients are required to book a [free twenty-minute call] to chat about your needs and options

Initial Or
Single Session
Four Sessions In
Four Weeks
Six Sessions
In Six Months
60 Minute Session
90 Minite Session
120 Minute Session
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