Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, flat stones made from a type of volcanic rock that retains heat, are placed gently on areas such as the spine, hips, feet, behind the neck, and the chest and stomach.  The heated, oiled stones are used in stroking circular movements to gently massage the body, relieving pain and rebalancing and harmonising the body to aid healing.  

It’s really easy for you to book your session.  You decide the time you wish to invest and together we will create a treatment that's unique to you.  I ensure the depth, pace, and areas I'm focusing on feel utterly comfortable.  I am here to advise and support you with a treatment plan to move forward.

I highly recommend new clients book a [free fifteen-minute call] to chat about your needs and options.  This gives us more time in the treatment room.

60 Minute Session £7090 Minute Session £105120 Minute Session £140
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Single Session
Four Sessions In
Four Weeks
Six Sessions
In Six Months
60 Minute Session
90 Minite Session
120 Minute Session
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