Life Script Coaching

This unconscious narrative was named  ‘The Life Script’ by Eric Byrne, founder of Transactional Analysis. He pointed out that we wrote our script before the age of seven. This life script is what we battle with every time we wish to make significant changes in our life.   No matter how many conscious resolutions we make to turn over a new leaf, we tend to slip back into the same old familiar behaviour. 

If we want to reprogramme these areas of the mind, we need to speak in unconscious code, in the same way, we speak to a computer in a specific code to reprogramme it.  We do this by forming a healthy working alliance with our unconscious and creating a healthy relationship with it. To change the story, we change our life script and make our desires happen, rather than sabotaging them.  

Life Script Coaching is a twelve-step psychoeducational programme.

"I have undertaken the fairytale process myself and it is a powerful transformational experience."

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