Therapeutic Massage

This treatment is soft and comfortable, designed to soothe and not aggravate pain.  I don't prod and pinch into your muscles with my fingers, knuckles, or elbows to work on 'knots'. I learned long ago that our muscles do not work independently, they only begin to let go of tension when our nervous system is calm.   

This is the perfect opportunity to take time out and drift away as you fully drop into the rest, repair, and digest state enabling your body to heal itself from the inside out.   This treatment works on the whole of you, not just your body.  

Instead of my hands, I achieve a deeper and much more releasing but comfortable result using the soft area of my forearms and gradually ease in with my body weight with each stroke, giving powerful and effective results.  My hands are reserved only for a soothing light touch.  This means I can combine effective and pain-free deep tissue work, because, in my experience, our body is unable to release, realign, repair, and heal when feeling uncomfortable. I use a wide range of massage styles designed for you to get the very best out of your session developed over twenty-plus years of knowledge and experience. 

It's really easy to book your session.  You decide the time you wish to invest and together we will create a treatment that's unique to you.  To gain the most benefit I recommend that you invest in 4-6 treatments weekly sessions to begin with, followed by monthly appointments.

I highly recommend new clients book a [free fifteen-minute call] to chat about your needs and options.  This gives us more time in the treatment room.

60 Minute Session £7090 Minute Session £105120 Minute Session £140
Initial Or
Single Session
Four Sessions In
Four Weeks
Six Sessions
In Six Months
60 Minute Session
£200 (£50 Each)
£360 (£60 Each)
90 Minite Session
120 Minute Session
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