Nervous System Reset

Nervous Systen Reset (NSR) is a Body-Mind therapy that focuses on incredibly soothing movements to directly impact the nervous system.  Following treatments, clients comment how they cope better with the everyday stresses of life, fight off illnesses quicker, and feel lighter and more positive about life.  It often gives a sense of relief and freedom. producing feelings of well-being, greater resilience, and increased mental positivity.

It’s easy to blame yourself for struggling with daily life when the simple truth is your nervous system is suffering from ambient trauma overload.  If you feel that you are carrying significant amounts of invisible ambient (invisible) trauma in your nervous system, then trauma discharge massage can make a real difference.

Embracing the very latest neuroscience and combining this with bodywork, NSR uses incredibly soothing movements to gently and effectively regulate the nervous system.  The first session will be longer, so we can discuss what you want from the sessions.  We won't be talking about trauma, instead focusing on finding a ‘key’, or technique to discharge it.

These soothing movements allow the build-up of tension, worry and anxiety to be released from the nervous system and this may be all we need in order to “get on” with life and sort out our own problems.  Over several sessions, clients have reported how they are better equipped with the everyday stresses of life, often producing feelings of wellness, a sense of relief, and freedom.  This is because the body has been freed from patterns of holding and tension that may have been building up for years. You’ll stop being easily triggered and learn to take care of yourself rather than dive into exhaustion.  You’ll have more oomph and motivation, and most importantly, feel at ease with yourself and in control of your thoughts.

Please note.  A short consultation is required before booking your first NSR session to ensure this treatment is suitable for you (it can be a phone call or video meet-up if preferred)

Treatment begins with a minimum of 6 sessions over 2 weeks.  Following this, we can discuss your progress and plan your next steps.  You might wish to continue treatments, take a break, or move on to another therapy.  

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