Psycho-Tactile Therapy

It can be challenging to rely on talk therapy alone to understand and explore difficult memories, experiences, and traumas without feeling overwhelmed and triggered by the very experiences that we want to resolve.  

Psycho-tactile therapy combines one-to-one talk therapy, using neuroscience and incredibly soothing bodywork to gently and effectively regulate the nervous system. 

As well as freeing from patterns of holding and tension that may have been building up for years, I envelop talk therapy with this soothing touch at the beginning and the end of each session to discharge emotional triggers that have been stirred up within the nervous system.  

This weekly therapy takes commitment and, with time, the aim is to enable you to explore memories, thought patterns and deep-seated beliefs safely and with clarity to access deeply hidden, subconscious life scripts.  

Using Transactional Analysis, we will use tools to grow resilience and identify lifestyle habits, relationships, boundaries, communication, and coping mechanisms without becoming overwhelmed and depleted. Instead, you will develop and strengthen your own effective, clear, and calm connection to yourself and the world around you.  ‍

To book, contact me for a (free) 20-minute chat to discuss if this programme is right for you. 

£160 for 4 x 50 min weekly sessions

Please note, that I am a trainee psychotherapist and have regular supervision sessions with Gerry Pyves, MA, (Oxon), PGCE< Dip TM, PTSTA(P) and I am registered with the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists

Initial Or
Single Session
Four Sessions In
Four Weeks
Six Sessions
In Six Months
60 Minute Session
90 Minite Session
120 Minute Session
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