Experience deeply restorative treatments with real health benefits. Reflexology’s aim is to rebalance all the systems of the body promoting deep relaxation and a lasting sense of well-being. This wonderful pressure-point technique can improve a number of health issues including mood, sleep, stress, and anxiety. 

As a reflexologist, I use a foot map to access the thousands of nerve endings.  The left foot corresponds to the organs found on the left side of the body and the right foot to the organs on the right side. I encourage you to decide what you wish to gain from the treatment and I ensure everything about your treatment feels utterly comfortable.  It’s really easy for you to book your session.  You decide the time you wish to invest and together we will create a treatment that's unique to you, I’m here to advise and support you with a treatment plan to move forward.

I highly recommend new clients book a [free fifteen minute call] to chat about your needs and options.  This gives us more time in the treatment room.

Reflexology Chart

60 Minute Session £7090 Minute Session £105120 Minute Session £140
Initial Or
Single Session
Four Sessions In
Four Weeks
Six Sessions
In Six Months
60 Minute Session
90 Minite Session
120 Minute Session
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