Have the suit fit the body, not the body fit the suit

Tara Buckel
January 22, 2024

I love this quote from Gerry Pyves, the creator of No hands massage.

"Most structural problems originate in the fact that the ‘suit’ that is our soft tissue has shrunk. It is much more effective to loosen and stretch the whole ‘suit’, rather than repeatedly mending the same old tear, over and over again."

We tend to come for our first massage feeling really tense, maybe sore and tight.  It will probably feel worse in one area, the neck, for example, but they might feel it in other places too.  It can be described as a similar effect as wearing  a 'tight suit'...uncomfortable and not enough room to move. It isn't always effective to pinpoint and focus in on specific locations to help you ease the tension you are feeling. Our bodies are not machines with buttons to press that release.  We are living, breathing organic beings and everything is connected.  The so called 'knot' or location of pain or stiffness may not be the root or the cause of the issue, it may, for example, be an area of weakness.

Our body is covered in a dense web of tissue connecting our muscles, bones and organs together.  Think of the intense pain caused by plantar fascitis and you can imagine how powerful the effects of fascia have.  Loosening and stretching this soft tissue, the fascia, which is a connecting network throughout your body will help you let go and release structural issues.  

Tara Buckel
Therapist since 1999. Specialising in TraumaTherapy and Pain Management
Main photograph credit:
Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash

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