Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci

Tara Buckel
January 22, 2024


is the ultimate

form of sophistication' Leonardo da Vinci

Simplicity also has power, beauty and potency. When we are talking style, we have Audrey Hepburn and the timeless, iconic L.B.D. Uncomplicated recipes make the most successful meals (in my experience anyway...but I'm not known for being a domestic goddess) The art of simplicity can, perhaps also be applied to improve how we live our lives.  We are unfortunately, really good at overwhelming ourselves, but when we simplify it down to getting some space & tranquility. Reading a book, a walk on the beach to just slow down and breathe...Wow! That gives a powerful transforming and healing effect.  

Over the years with my clinic I have tried various things, but have learned the most effective treatments are keeping what I do uncomplicated and confidence grows by focusing on our strengths.  These days, the only products I use (even in a facial treatment) are a massage oil, and maybe essential oils. The non surgical face lift was an amazing example of this and a huge revelation to me. Just a base oil and massage, my clients and I are equally stunned by the results.  Healthy toned skin is truly beautiful and amazing.  As an Aromatherapist, nearly 20 years ago at the very beginning of my training, I learned I require no more than three essential oils to make the most powerful synergistic blend. We are in an age where are many of us now avoiding products and foods with a long list of chemical ingredients and we are noticing the benefits to our health.  

Today, my bodywork therapies focus on avoiding tools or gadgets, no add-ons whatsoever are required, just touch. I have even adapted my hot stone massage to only apply the stones to smooth gently over the body to simply add heat to the treatment. I do not use the stones as tools to work in to the tissues, I believe it's not at all necessary.  I don't keep training in more bodywork therapies, I increase my knowledge and learning to support what I already do best, with the aim to make it even better. I have learned many, many massage strokes in my no hands training, way more than I will actually ever need.  All these different strokes enable me to offer precisely what my clients are asking for.
In the Mastery level of No Hands Massage training, we are encouraged to keep a massage session really, really simple. The emphasis is placed upon using a very limited number of strokes in the most potent and effective way possible.  We learn we don't need to over complicate massage.  It's not about busily wowing and impressing our client with a huge array of 'techniques' throughout a session. In fact, it's a job well done if they walk away having been hypnotised by an amazing sensory experience thinking "Woah! What happened there?, I have no clue what she did... but, jeez, I feel great," Bodywork that gives that kind of result comes from keeping it very, very simple, almost hypnotic.  It gives you, the client, the quiet space for your brain and body to take exactly what you need without overcrowding your treatment with 'This latest new product...that tool/gadget...those trigger points'...that ouch...and yet more soreness to deal with over the next few days.  To heal, you need to be able to focus on a positive outcome and the feeling of  being soothed and released to press the reset button and simply move forward.
Tara Buckel
Therapist since 1999. Specialising in TraumaTherapy and Pain Management
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Tara Buckel

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